Road Shot Blasting Machine

Sep. 02, 2019

The road shot blasting machine has completed the evening dressing adjustment, and the Pakistani customers are very happy. They are mainly used to blast the pavement concrete and steel plate.

Pakistani customer buy road shot blasting machine

· To improve the roughness and friction coefficient of Asphalt Pavement

· Anticorrosive coating for steel bridge deck 

· Tunnel maintenance 

· Preventive maintenance of airport runway

· Municipal Road and pavement 

Pakistani customer buy road shot blasting machine


•A host of shot blasting machine; a supporting vacuum cleaner; a connecting duct about 20 meters; 2 wind pipe clip; 1 car of steel ball which has special magnetic recovery ; 12 managed cars; 1 special lifting wrench ; 1 cable between vacuum cleaners and the host ; 1 toolbox .


Floor Shot Blasting Machine
Machine ModelMS-270MS-550/600MS-850
Blast Wheel Diameter(mm)200200200
Running Speed(m/min)0.5-200.5-330.5-33
Concrete Floor Cleaning Efficiency (m3/h)≥180 ≥400 ≥600 
Wheel Surface Cleaning Efficiency (m3/h)15-25 75-100 100-160
Dust Removal Pipe Diameter (mm)120 150 150 
Steel Spot Diameter(mm)1.2-1.5 1.5-1.81.5-1.8 
Steel Spot No. (g/m2)10 10 10 
Dimensions (mm)1000*300*1100 1950*720775*1400 1950*1020*1550 
Weight (kg)150570 700 

Pakistani customer buy road shot blasting machine

Pakistani customer buy road shot blasting machine

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